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1. Who is eligible to participate? 
Donors: Anyone above the age of 18. 
Charity: Any registered charity who is interested in being a part of GivingIsGold may approach us for more information on how to be included on our website.
2. What can/cannot be donated? 
Donors can donate items listed in our Donation List and are encouraged to donate only items that are in good, usable condition. Charities can list any items or services they require on our website as long as it is not listed on our Prohibited List. You may click “here” to see our Prohibited List. 
3. How long does a donor have to deliver items pledged to a charity? 
Once donors have placed their pledges, the items will automatically be locked for a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of the pledge. If the charity does not receive the item(s) after fourteen (14) days, the item will be unlocked and available for other donors to place their pledge. Once the charity confirms delivery of the item(s), it will be removed from the Donation List. 
4. Can I donate anonymously? 
Yes, you can donate anonymously. The email address that you register with us will be made available to the charity once a pledge is made as email is the only way for you and the charity to communicate. No other personal details however will be shared should you choose to donate anonymously. 
5. Can I claim tax exemptions through my donation? 
No, tax exemptions may not be claimed through us. GivingIsGold is an online platform and all donations go directly to the charities in need. 
6. Can I send non-halal items? 
We do not have any restrictions on donating non-halal items, however we encourage you to check with the charities you make donations to as some may not be able to take non-halal items.
7. Can I donate services? 
Yes, you can. Charities are allowed to list on our website services that they require such as tuition for students and medical services etc. If you see any services listed that you can fulfill, please do respond to them. 
8. If I have items that are not listed by the charities, can I donate them? 
You may not donate items that are not included in the Donation List. GivingIsGold has been set up to fulfill the specific needs of charities so as to prevent wastage. We therefore encourage donors to donate only what charities have requested for. 
9. Who are the people behind this website? Are you a credible website? 
GivingIsGold is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program launched by Goldis Berhad, an investment company with private equity investments in Malaysia and China. If you would like to find out more about Goldis Berhad, you may log on to our website at for further information. 
10. Is GivingIsGold related to any governmental entities or any other organizations?
No, GivingIsGold is Goldis Berhad’s CSR program and has no affiliations whatsoever with any governmental entities or other organizations. 
11. Are the listed charities genuine? 
Charities listed on our website have been verified by our moderators before they are allowed to be registered on our site. We are committed to ensuring that we work with genuine charities that work to support those in need.
12. If I have only a portion of what is required on the list, can I still donate? 
Yes, you can. You will be able to fill in the amount you are able to donate on our site as you go through the donation process. As items are pledged, the number required will decrease accordingly on our website. 
13. Can I donate cash? 
No, GivingIsGold is a platform that facilitates the donation of goods and services. Should any of the charities require financial assistance, they may state how much money is required, what they require help paying for, and where the donor can make the payment e.g. electricity bills paid to Tenaga Nasional etc.  
If you wish to make any cash donations, you may refer to the websites of the respective charities to check if they have any links for cash donations or contact them directly.
14. How is delivery done? 
The method for the delivery of goods and services should be agreed upon by the donor and the charity. GivingIsGold does not interfere with this communication.